Simon Bisley

The Freddie Starr of comic books.

David Carson

Surf's up dude. He's very dry considering.

Cole Eastburn

Concept artist and bon viveur.

Dehong He

A Chinese master in waiting.


AKA Thomas Schostok, designer


Independent comic book creator

.Net Magazine

Various inc. Opencart

Figure Drawing

It takes a lot of practice

Fantasy Art

From the issue of CA that spawned IFX


They're all at it, you know.


Typography on your TV.

Research Studios

Brody and Knowles at the controls

Magazine Design

A dying art, maybe?

.Net Magazine

Accountancy Software

History of Type

Self-explanatory title.

Marko Djurdjevic

A great comic book artist.

Dave McKean

Legendary artist, illustrator and film maker.

Alan Moore

A figure from a time when we still had heroes.

Studio View

Through the keyhole-style

Display Type

Top ten type round-up. 13mb file.

.Net Magazine

Reviews inc. Freebase and Google Refine